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"Wind on the Water"

Composed and Sung by Jeff Moyer


Educating us about Climate Change

Explaining wind power to kids (and others)

Employment opportunities in the wind industry, as listed on the site of the American Wind Energy Association

Environmental issues are discussed in depth in this 7 MB Danish pdf document

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Establishing offshore wind turbine foundations

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Lawrence Krauss"We are remarkably fortunate to be alive and conscious on this planet located at the edge of a medium-sized spiral galaxy. We have no idea if the conditions essential for the development of intelligent life exist on any of the billions of other planets probably located in the Milky Way. Endangering Earth's atmosphere by continuing to over- use fossil fuels should not be an option. By exploiting wind power, and its latest version - off-shore, over fresh water - Cleveland can choose a high-profile way of being part of the solution."

Lawrence Krauss, internationally known Professor of Physics and Astronomy, best-selling author, radio commentator and editorialist.



John Pearson

Audra Skuodas"We think it will create a TRULY MAGNIFICENT NEW SKYLINE. It will be a mesmerizing view."
John Pearson & Audra Skuodas (artists) 





"We can change the entire image of Cleveland from a rust-belt city to a city of the future. This kind of initiative would help Cleveland reclaim its place as a major economic and cultural force on the world stage as we build a reputation as a center for advanced energy."

Ronn Richard, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Cleveland Foundation

"Our envisioned wind project in Lake Erie off of downtown Cleveland can break down the barriers to subsequent development of the abundant wind resources in the Great Lakes, while becoming an icon for the 21st Century for our area."

Richard Stuebi, BP Fellow for Energy and Environmental Advancement, The Cleveland Foundation



Franz Welser-Most

 I applaud Windustrious for visualizing Cleveland's future as one that includes addressing global climate change through the development of renewable energy sources. Exploring a new industry that could be ecologically responsible, economically vital, and reputation enhancing is a forward-thinking strategy for our region. The positive impact of such an initiative would be felt far beyond our Cleveland community.

Franz Welser-Most
Music Director
The Cleveland Orchestra
photo: Roger Mastroianni



Orene AnthonyWind Thoughts:

"Smiling sunflowers twirl / As they are tickled / by the wind.
Wading Ferris Wheel / generating / joule-filled currents.
Cleveland, / Wise-up and Rise-up / On the winds of change.
Self-luminous kiss / Warmly caresses whirligig / Breezing ceaselessly"

Orene Anthony, Poet




Dale Miller
"We need wind energy to help save the earth from global warming, and Cleveland should be a leader in this effort."

Dale Miller, State Senator, Ohio's 23rd District


"Energy efficiency, wind power, and solar are the future, not just of Ohio, but of the planet"

David W. Orr, Distinguished Professor and Chair of Environmental Studies at Oberlin College, author, and ecological designer




Jiayang Sun"I am all for this environmentally/economically sensitive project"

Jiayang Sun, Professor of Statistics at Case Western Reserve University




Danny George"I believe that we need bold and creative civic leaders to take risks that can begin to alter the way our town sees itself changing our self-perception from the inside out. The sight of environment-friendly windmills standing tall offshore of our city's lakefront could be a powerful image exported all over the world which says: Cleveland is an innovative city that is ahead of the zeitgeist."

Danny George, Ph.D.candidate in Medical Anthropology at Oxford University


Michael DeAloia"Cleveland has this wonderful opportunity to demonstrate to the world its growing leadership in green technology and wind power. We need to work quickly and secure our place, not only as thought leaders but as pioneers."

Michael DeAloia, Former "Tech Czar" - City of Cleveland.




Bruce Latimer"I fully support windmills in the lake; it is not only ecologically the right thing to do but it also will put Cleveland on the map."

Bruce Latimer, Former Executive Director
Cleveland Museum of Natural History


Kent Kristensen"Offshore installations are a challenge but can be done.
We have to do something about it now."

Kent Kristensen, President, 3Oak Communications, Chagrin Falls





Paramjit Singh"Making Northeast Ohio windustrious is a natural!

Ohio was a leading state during the industrial revolution;
it is high time that Northeast Ohio lead the Windustrious Revolution!"

Paramjit Singh, President, Productive Group, Inc.




Jan and Dr. Gus KiousJan and Dr. Gus Kious, builders of the first
straw bale home in Cuyahoga County




We support Wind Power development on Lake Erie.
Wind as a major resource is inevitable; It is time to show the world
that Cleveland is a major player, once again, in providing energy leadership.

Patricia Lipman Stillman and Mark Stillman


Cleveland's NASA Glenn Research Center is a pioneer in wind power research and development.
It's time for the city of Cleveland to benefit from the research
that helped establish wind power throughout the world.

Verna Ferrante (artist) and Dr. John Ferrante (retired member of the Research Academy, NASA Glenn Res. Ctr.)


Ted Sande"I support the concept of creating a unique, major energy source for the northern Ohio region and, perhaps, beyond through the development of a wind farm in Lake Erie. In addition to being a sensible idea for harnessing wind power for human use, it offers the potential for revitalizing our region's economy."

Ted Sande, Historic Preservation Consultant.




Linda RobsonLinda Robson, Research Fellow for Energy Studies, CWRU






Josh Milburn"Wind power on Lake Erie will bring the city forward technologically and attract positive growth to the region."
Josh Milburn, Electrical Engineering major at Case Western Reserve University






J. Iwan D. Alexander"Wind power has the potential to become a routine source of energy for Northern Ohio and the Great Lakes region. By supporting this project, Cleveland will take a lead role in shaping and implementing energy strategies of the future. Cleveland's leadership role in clean energy generation, storage, distribution and use will generate significant business opportunities, provide affordable clean energy and make Ohio a destination state."
J. Iwan D. Alexander, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, and faculty lead for CWRU's initiative to establish a Great Lakes Institute for Energy Innovation.


"It is foresighted and patriotic to find other sources
for energy than unrenewable fossil fuels... besides,
these windmills are BEAUTIFUL!"

Clurie Bennis,CityMusic Cleveland


C. Beau Daane"NEO simply has to do this!"

C. Beau Daane, Business Recycling Specialist
Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District






Robert Maschke"I think that cultivating wind as a source of energy is a great idea.
You can count on my support."

Robert Maschke, AIA
Principal, Robert Maschke, Architects




Michael Salkind"Ohio is blessed with water and wind
and we should develop
these resources for a
more sustainable future."

Michael Salkind
Principal, Indus International

Lori Alba, Ron Linard, Jeff Troxell & Al Welter,


Edward Caner, Director, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Programs
College of Arts & Sciences
Case Western Reserve University








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