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"Wind on the Water"

Composed and Sung by Jeff Moyer


Educating us about Climate Change

Explaining wind power to kids (and others)

Employment opportunities in the wind industry, as listed on the site of the American Wind Energy Association

Environmental issues are discussed in depth in this 7 MB Danish pdf document

Energy from the Lake. Ohio wind map

Establishing offshore wind turbine foundations

Eye of the Wind tourist attraction

Epuron sees the funny side

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A proposed wind turbine installation near Camp Perry in Northwestern Ohio has recently been halted (see article) by environmental groups that turn out to have connections to the oil, gas and tourism industries.  Bird lovers have been tricked into being their supporters!  It now appears that a wind turbine erected at The Lake Erie Business Park is being targeted.  To quote from one media release, "The Lake Erie shoreline in Ohio is among the worst possible locations for a wind power project." 

BSBO Hunting Billboard

The structure and manipulative tactics of these groups should be exposed.  It is those with vested interests in the outdated, bird-killing, planet-destroying fuels of the past who are leading the opposition to our move towards a more environmentally friendly future.  The wind that blows across the Great Lakes is a plentiful, free, clean, and jobs-creating source of power.  We should begin using it as soon as possible...read more

Welcome to Windustrious

The Windustrious website was created in 2006, to promote the establishment of the world's first fresh-water wind farm - in Lake Erie, off-shore from Cleveland, Ohio.

The Origins of Windustrious

Cleveland faces a unique opportunity: to become, not only the first city in the U.S. to install an off-shore wind farm, but the first city in the world to install a wind turbine farm in fresh water. ...read more


World's First Freshwater Wind Farm

November 26, 2012, Tore Wizelius and Ake Frykberg, of ReWind Offshore,
came to Cleveland to share their experience of installing the world's
first freshwater wind farm! ...read more

Excitement grows, the groundswell builds, organizations are formed, studies are commenced, projects developed, and concrete steps taken...read more

Opposition to Offshore Wind can be LAUGHABLE.

Click here to see some hilarious satire!

Cardinal Fastener expresses support

Cardinal Fastener & Specialty Co., Inc., a Cleveland-born manufacturer, has been supplying the Wind Turbine Generator industry with fasteners of the highest quality for the past four years....read more


This site provides an opportunity for all those who would like to add their voices to the call for Cleveland to take advantage of a great natural resource - wind power over Lake Erie....read more


"We are remarkably fortunate to be alive and conscious on this planet located at the edge of a medium-sized spiral galaxy"...read more


Waters are rising, storm winds are intensifying, and nations are reeling from the oil wars. Across the world people are anxious about their lives and about their common future. ...read more


"Creating the off-shore wind farm needs to be a priority for Ohio...read more


"From Wellington, New Zealand to Cleveland, Ohio...read more

Still more CHAMPIONS

"ProgressOhio strongly supports building the world's first freshwater wind farm offshore from Cleveland...read more

Message from Paul Gipe

"What greater way for Cleveland to step out in front on renewable energy than to develop its offshore potential....read more

Message from James Hansen

"We must move promptly toward nearly carbon-free energy..."...read more

Message from Van Jones

Innovative organizations like Windustrious can help create pathways to prosperity...read more

Fairmount Minerals Ltd. adds their voice

Fairmount Minerals supports Cleveland's efforts to take a leadership position in the area of clean energy....read more

Statements from Lube Stop and Fulcrum Consulting Works

The successful development of an advanced energy industry will propel our region into one...read more

Strong support from Jeff Baldassari, President, The Taylor Companies

This project will not only bring instant economic vitality to the City and the region but moreover, it will become a symbol to our citizens and visitors of what is possible. It will inspire others...read more

Jeff Moyer writes song to promote "Wind on the Water"

Jeff Moyer is a National Public Radio "Morning Edition" commentator, has been featured on the CBS Evening News and 20/20, in National Geographic, and in a BBC documentary on the U.S. disability rights movement. ...read more

Windustrious Movie on YouTube, Green Energy TV, Planet Forward, and Repower America

The Windustrious Movie has been posted at YouTube....read more

Opposition to Offshore Wind can be LAUGHABLE. Click here to see some hilarious satire!